Check Point Critical VPN Vulnerability Emergency Fix, here is what to know, A Complete look


Check Point Critical VPN Vulnerability Emergency Fix, here is what to know, A Complete look

In a swift response to a critical security threat, Check Point, a leading cybersecurity vendor, has released emergency patches to address a zero-day vulnerability affecting its Security Gateways. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2024-24919, has been exploited in a small number of attacks, prompting the company to take immediate action.

Check Point

The Vulnerability and Its Impact

The vulnerability potentially allows attackers to gain remote access to firewalls and attempt to breach corporate networks. Specifically, it affects Internet-connected Gateways with remote access VPN or mobile access enabled. While the attempts observed so far have focused on remote access scenarios using old local accounts with unrecommended password-only authentication, Check Point remains vigilant in monitoring the situation.

Response and Recommendations

Check Point’s Chief of Staff, Gil Messing, emphasized the importance of addressing the vulnerability promptly. Although only a few attempts have been detected globally, the company recognizes the need to prevent any further exploitation. As a result, Check Point has worked closely with affected customers to remediate the situation.

Network Security Challenges

This incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by network security products. Threat actors continually target network security devices and remote access services as a means of breaching customer environments. Given the critical role these products play in safeguarding organizations, they remain prime targets for attackers of all stripes.


Check Point’s rapid response to this zero-day vulnerability demonstrates its commitment to protecting its customers. By releasing emergency patches and collaborating with affected organizations, the company aims to prevent any widespread impact. As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, vigilance and proactive measures remain essential to maintaining network security and thwarting potential threats.

Remember, in the realm of cybersecurity, swift action can make all the difference. Stay informed, stay secure, and keep your defenses up.

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