Patelco Credit Union Faces Ransomware Attack: A Quick look at the issue. here is what we know


Patelco Credit Union Faces Ransomware Attack: A Quick look at the issue. here is what we know

In a recent security incident, Patelco Credit Union, a trusted financial institution, fell victim to a ransomware attack. This unfortunate event has disrupted critical banking services for half a million customers. Let’s delve into the details of what happened, the impact on operations, and the steps being taken to mitigate the situation.


The Patelco Incident

On June 29, 2024, Patelco Credit Union’s systems were compromised by a ransomware attack. As a proactive measure, the credit union made the difficult decision to shut down several day-to-day banking systems. The goal was to contain the issue and prevent further damage. While this action disrupted services, members can still access cash from ATMs.

Impact on Patelco Services

The attack affected various services, including online banking, the mobile app, and the call center. Electronic transactions such as transfers, direct deposits, balance inquiries, and payments became unavailable. However, debit and credit card transactions continue to function, albeit in a limited capacity.

Response and Investigation

Patelco Credit Union promptly engaged a leading third-party cybersecurity forensic firm to investigate the breach and aid in recovery efforts. Their dedicated teams are working tirelessly to assess the situation and restore services. Unfortunately, an estimated timeline for full system restoration remains uncertain.

Member Support

Patelco acknowledges the inconvenience caused by this cyber attack. They anticipate longer-than-normal wait times and appreciate members’ patience during this challenging period. The credit union is committed to transparency, providing frequent updates, and delivering the best possible service given the disruption.


As Patelco Credit Union navigates this security incident, their priority remains safeguarding member interests. While the road to recovery may be uncertain, their dedication to restoring services and ensuring member satisfaction remains unwavering.

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