Sophisticated V3B Phishing Kit Targets European Banking Customers – here is a complete look of the threat


Sophisticated V3B Phishing Kit Targets European Banking Customers – here is a complete look of the threat

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybercrime, a new threat has emerged: the V3B phishing kit. This sophisticated tool, wielded by cybercriminals, specifically targets banking customers in the European Union (EU). Let’s delve into the details of this insidious kit, its modus operandi, and the financial institutions caught in its crosshairs.

V3B Phishing Kit

The V3B Phishing Kit Unveiled

Resecurity, a cybersecurity firm, recently exposed a cybercriminal group operating under the alias “Vssrtje.” This group provides a Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) platform, offering a potent weapon: the V3B phishing kit. Designed to intercept sensitive information, including credentials and one-time passwords (OTPs), the V3B kit is a menace to EU banking customers.

How It Works

The V3B kit leverages social engineering tactics to deceive victims. Fraudsters trick users into revealing their confidential data, leading to significant financial losses. The kit is available both through the PhaaS model and for self-hosting, making it accessible to a wide range of cybercriminals.

The Scale of the Threat

Hundreds of cybercriminals have embraced the V3B kit, leaving victims with emptied bank accounts. The group’s Telegram channel boasts over 1,255 members, most of whom specialize in various forms of fraud. These bad actors focus primarily on EU-based banks, causing millions of euros in financial losses.

Targeted Financial Institutions

The V3B phishing kit supports over 54 financial institutions across the EU. Each kit is customized and localized, mimicking the authentication and verification processes of online banking and e-commerce systems. Here are some notable targets:

  1. Ireland
    • Allied Irish Banks
  2. Netherlands
    • ICS Cards
  3. Finland
    • Nordea, Danske, OP Bank, Aktia, HandelsBank
  4. Austria
    • Bawag, VolksBank, George, Santander, EasyBank, Volksbank, Dadat, Bank99, Dolomiten, Raiffeissen, Bawag, Spardabank
  5. Germany
    • Sparkasse, DKB, Hypovereins, Targo, Volksbank, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, O2
  6. France
    • Epargne, Agricole, Populaire, Bourso, Socgenerale, HSBC, Hello, BNP Paribas, ING Bank, AXA Bank, Credit Agricole, Societe Generale
  7. Belgium
    • Fintro, Argenta, BNP, KBC, AXA, Belfius, BPOST, ING
  8. Greece
    • AlphaBank
  9. Luxembourg
    • ING
  10. Italy
    • Banco BPM, Poste Italiane

The Price of Malice

The V3B phishing kit’s cost varies between $130 and $450 per month, payable in cryptocurrency. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to exploit vulnerabilities in the human psyche, capitalizing on trust and urgency to deceive unsuspecting victims.


As the battle against cybercrime intensifies, vigilance becomes our greatest defense. European banking customers must remain informed and cautious, recognizing the signs of phishing attempts. The V3B kit serves as a stark reminder that our digital lives hang in the balance, and our collective resilience is our best armor against these relentless threats.

Stay safe, stay informed, and safeguard your financial well-being. The V3B phishing kit may be cunning, but our collective resolve is stronger. Together, we can thwart the cyber underworld’s ambitions and protect what matters most: our hard-earned money and peace of mind.

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