WordPress Plugin Exploit Threatens E-Commerce Credit Card Theft

Wordpress Plugin Exploit

WordPress Plugin Exploit Threatens E-Commerce Credit Card Theft

Recent Discovery Highlights the Importance of Patching and Secure Coding Practices

E-commerce websites built on WordPress platforms are at risk following the discovery of a malicious campaign targeting a seemingly innocuous plugin. Security researchers at Sucuri have identified attackers exploiting a plugin called Dessky Snippets to inject credit card skimming malware into unsuspecting websites.

Dessky Snippets, with over 200 active installations, allows users to add custom PHP code to their WordPress sites. This functionality, while seemingly useful, becomes a vulnerability when leveraged by malicious actors.

The attackers gain unauthorized access through various methods, including known weaknesses in WordPress plugins or simply weak credentials. Once inside, they exploit Dessky Snippets to insert malicious PHP code designed to steal financial data during the checkout process.

This malware manipulates the WooCommerce billing form, injecting its own code to capture sensitive credit card information entered by customers.

Protecting Your E-Commerce Site

Here are some crucial steps e-commerce business owners can take to mitigate this risk:

  • Maintain Updated Plugins and WordPress Core: Regularly update all plugins and the WordPress core itself to ensure no known vulnerabilities exist for attackers to exploit.
  • Scrutinize Third-Party Plugins: Be cautious when installing plugins, especially those with low installation numbers. Research the plugin’s reputation and legitimacy before adding it to your site.
  • Implement Strong Password Policies: Enforce strong password protocols for all administrative accounts. Consider two-factor authentication for an added layer of security.
  • Consider Security Audits: Regularly conduct security audits of your website to identify and address any potential weaknesses.

By following these practices, e-commerce businesses can significantly reduce their risk of falling victim to such attacks.

Further Reading

For more details on the technical aspects of this exploit, you can refer to the Sucuri blog post: “[WordPress Plugin Exploited to Steal Credit Card Data from E-commerce Sites]”([security researcher ben martin says a popular wordpress plugin called dessky snippets is being abused to inject malicious php code designed to steal credit card data ON The Hacker News thehackernews.com])

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